Creative block eh? Well thankfully I came across a pretty darn good article about how you can hurtle over that blockade. Here it is in all it’s glory. But if you want the spark notes version you need only reference below:

1. Find someone inspirational – friend or famous

“Combination is creation”

2. Take a break and talk it out

“A problem shared is a problem halved”

3. Check into an expensive hotel

“Think about all the money you’re wasting procrastinating”

4. Reverse Psychology

“Force yourself to procrastinate”

5. Keep a full plate

“Avoid trying to use brute force”

6. Coffee before bed

“turn that mental traffic jam into a high-speed demolition derby”

7. Do something monotonous

“get up and go do something relatively mindless and repetitive”

8. Read lots and sketch quickly

“the act of drawing…helps you sort through all those random elements and make random connections”

9. Ask questions

“It’s all about determining the soul of a product before laying down the first pixel or pen stroke”

10. Stop fretting and just do it

“stop playing around, sit down, shut up, go off-line, focus single-mindedly on executing the work, and make it real”

11. Great work from great struggle

“when I hit a creative dead end, I overcome it by seeing it as an opportunity to rethink, re-evaluate, and make something great”

These are all awesome points and I will definitely refer to them when I get stuck. My favorites from the list include taking a walk/bike ride, turning off all my cellular/electronic devices, and reading for inspiration.

And to add my 2 cents, here are 5 ways that I combat getting stuck:
1. Listen to an Inspirational Soundtrack

Sometimes music is just the thing to get your head out of that rut. Put on your favorite playlist or find an online music blog in which the beat captures your creativity and forces its hand. You can even take it one step further and dance around the house while singing at the top of your lungs.

2. Pinterest for 10 Minutes

Inspiration always comes from the influence of your surroundings, so why not search a term on pinterest and see where it takes you. Don’t get stuck procrastinating on there for too long though, dangerous territory!

3. Do Something with Your Hands

Similar to the aforementioned “monotonous task”, painting, weaving, gift wrapping… anything that you just do without thinking too much actually tends to get you thinking. Often times too much information is forced at us and the world can seem really overwhelming. Take some time to do something simple.

4. Reference The Past

In general, life is quite cyclical. Trends reappear either wholly or in a mutated form, and often these trends can be useful in helping create something in the present. Maybe have a chat with someone older about a specific time in the past or just give an era a google.

5. Mind Map It

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but honestly it is such a great tool for coming up with ideas. It’s basically a tool that forces connections by allowing you to take one word and diverge as far from that word as you possibly can. Pretty much like playing wikipedia tag where you go from one subject to a completely unrelated subject without a destination in mind.

Well there you have it, hopefully if you’ve got a problem to solve but your feet are dug deep in quicksand, some of these suggestions will do some nice de-quicksanding.


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