Web Design with a Face

SOOO many good articles from Co.Design. So many that I haven’t even had time to share my opinion about any. So (my last so btw) I have decided to comment on this article titled “Why The Next Big Thing In Computing Is Conversation”.



Although this article touched many different topics, the main idea behind it, as well as most other articles from Fast Company and Design, remained the same: INNOVATION.

“The way we currently design websites and services does not fit with the potential of the contextual web, and the capabilities that this new technology affords. We need to find a new way to design web services. We need a new way to think about web services. And the key is to back to basics–back to long-lost art of the face-to-face conversation.”


This specific article just happens to be up my Creative Tech ally. In fact, I think it explains just why so many designers and developers need to work together more seamlessly in the future OR why companies need to hire more people who can do both. Here’s what I think:

1. Technology

It’s quite simple actually (see chart below). Technology is developing at an exponential rate. In fact, it can be a little daunting, some even say it will lead to our eventual demise, but this post is about the positive aspects of rapidly developing tech.



In order to take advantage of all of these advancements, we (as designers and innovators) need to adapt the way in which we present it. In fact, we need to start looking towards NUI (Natural User Interface) design instead of flat and impersonal interactions.

2. NUI Design

This might be the first time you’ve heard of NUI or the 700 millionth time, but the facts remain the same: as technology expands, so must our mind when it comes to interacting with it. In fact, there are many aspects that you use every day in which more natural interactions are being integrated (see figure below).

image 1

GUI (graphical user interface) was revolutionary when Bill Gates introduced Microsoft and expanded computer users beyond those who knew how to use the command line. Natural user interface presents the same revolution all over again, transforming a cold hard device into something in which your natural senses can interact with. Instead of typing, speaking. Instead of a mouse moving along a 2D plane, you’ll have a 3D environment in which your hands can mold, push, pull, and play with. Technology humanized.



No wonder technology is increasing at an exponential rate. Imagine how much easier it will be to create when you don’t need keyboard shortcuts and tablets to design.

3. Psychology

So in light of the way technology is headed, the way we are currently designing – flat and 2D – needs to change. But how will it look? The answer will involve a great deal of psychology so that the solution produced is something intuitive to all humans. In fact, we might even need to consider the way that we interact with humans in order to develop new ways to design and build software and web applications.


I was always skeptical when people told me that studying psychology was pointless. It’s used in UX design ALL THE TIME. So go on, take Psych 101. You’re going to be my biggest asset in the future.

In Conlusion:

I’m excited for this change! In fact, my mother told me the other day that everything on the web was starting to look the same. Don’t get me wrong, all the <sections> color blocked to perfection look very aesthetically pleasing, but come on! I’m getting quite bored. Give me something fresh and exciting! I think this “conversation with technology” might be that cool, tall glass of water that quenches my needs.



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