Summary of this Semester – According to Co-Lab

Just found this summary of the BCT (Bachelor of Creative Technologies) program online and not gonna lie, it pretty much sums up exactly what I did this semester. Props! If only I had found it before I applied, I would have known exactly what I was getting myself into. 


The Bachelor of Creative Technologies was developed with the future in mind and – like the future – it continues to evolve. The curriculum keeps up with changes in technology, responding to new ideas and accommodating new ways of thinking.

The Bachelor of Creative Technologies (BCT) is designed to be innovative and distinctive. It combines different disciplines to produce imaginative, well-rounded, technically-skilled practitioners who can engage in practice within the creative industries sector and manage, innovate and lead the future development of the sector.

  • Project-based learning in studios or workshops – reflecting the working world of creative professionals
  • Work in the multimedia environment across the boundaries of art, science, design, engineering and computing
  • Focus on student collaboration, project pitches and critiques rather than standard lectures or exams
  • Practical projects: build and develop web applications, make films, create animations and soundscapes, design interactive multimedia environments or games, or invent smart products, systems and services
  • Your study covers intellectual property, organisational theory, project management and how to develop commercial applications for your creative ideas
  • Innovative curriculum that reflects AUT’s commitment to link theory and practice in ways that are relevant to social, economic and cultural change in NZ and around the world.



Stay tuned for my summary as soon as I’m finished with the course (OMG ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT!)

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