Is Creative Tech Becoming a Thing?

Perhaps it’s just the fact that I have joined all of AUT’s Creative Technology Facebook pages, but it seems like people are finally seeing that this is “like a real job”. Well at least Apple, and you know that once Apple does something, everyone has to hop on that boat. Thank you iPod.


A job post by Apple for a Creative Tech Intern. If only they were advertising in Boston, I’d be overqualified. Thank you New Zealand.

Here’s AUT’s definition of their Creative Technology program, just so I can have it defined by an actual institution:

When you study creative technologies at AUT, you’ll learn how to look at problems in the world and provide solutions that are unique. You’ll see how a spirit of collaboration, whether between students or between students and the industry, is beneficial in creating ideas that change and shape our world.

Mmmmm listen to all those buzzwords up in there. Can’t help but remember why I decided to study over here in the first place. “unique”, “solutions”, “collaboration” – definitely using those as tags for this post.

Maybe one day I’ll tell people that it only took me going halfway across the world to find what I’m passionate about. That is if I can finally get this damn definition down.

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