Twitter and Facebook and WordPress – Oh My!

I’ve begin to feel a lot like Dorothy when it comes to social media. Especially when it comes to Transmedia.

You might be thinking “Transmedia, whaaaaaaaaaaaat?” For those of you who’ve had this concept repeatedly tirelessly to you, just ignore this plug. I just recently learned of this concept myself. Thank you Jeff Gomez

Transmedia is the idea of telling a story across multiple platforms in which each one contributes a unique bit to the piece of the puzzle. With all the different social media devices that are popular and cater to different crowds, this idea becomes very powerful. 


Here’s an example of how I’ve been trying to implement that with Stray:

  1. WordPress – tells the story of development, what products we’re working on and what the studio is like.Image
  2. Facebook – sometimes links to new developments/videos, but tries to keep updates shorter with lots of picturesImage
  3. Twitter – continues Stray’s story with short quips i.e. “Stray’s gif of the Day” and “#WhereIStray”Image
  4. Instagram – soon to add some jazzy filters to #WhereIStrayImage

Hopefully we can continue to weave Stray’s simple yet constantly evolving brand image through all of these different outlets and get people involved on every platform. 

Lions and tigers and bears become a little less frightening when you think about tying them all together in a pretty pink bow. Thank you transmedia!


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