New Formula

After reading this article on Designmodo, “What’s the Difference Between a Web Designer and Web Developer”, and leaving a nice little comment, I had a couple more thoughts that I thought worthy of blogging about. 

The author included this snazzy little picture about web designers and web developers needing to work together in order to achieve the best web objective.


But sometimes the pieces don’t fit together. In fact, I bet communication is pretty limited between the two. Here’s my idea of what happens (at least at big agencies).

1. The project is introduced and the designers go off to come up with innovative, aesthetically pleasing concepts

2. One concept is chosen and presented to the developers – the only time the two interact/the puzzle pieces touch.

3. The developers create the concept as close to the design as possible.

Okay cool, that sounds pretty like they are doing their jobs and producing the concept that everyone agreed on in the first place. But if I have learned anything from working on Stray, it’s that good design is never static.


In fact, it’s constantly evolving. How else do you deal with unforeseen obstacles, new technologies, and your client’s ever-changing wishes. We have to be able to adapt.

So I ponder, shouldn’t every developer be a designer and the reverse?

You’re probably laughing to yourself right now though. “Haha like that’s possible, ya crazy utopian!” Okay, you’re right. Some designers just don’t think code and some developers just aren’t artistic. 

So here’s the new formula:

Web Developer (Left-Brain) + Web Designer (Right-Brain) = Creative Technologist (The Middleman)

And in this case, the creative technologist is the glue that takes the red puzzle piece and fits it with that silly black one when they just can’t seem to do it on their own. The problem solver who knows just enough about both fields to suggest solutions when obstacles pop-up with either field.


Either I just blew my own mind or it’s really late here. Probably the latter.


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