You Develop And You Learn

I’ve been doing a lot of work web-wise for my main Creative Technologies class – our brand Stray – and I’ve definitely learned some important lessons about web development.

1. Importance of designing for mobile first. Both are necessary in the growing age of the smartphone, in fact some would argue that mobile is even more important.


Imagine if the tiny version had the giant logo? Totally bad user experience.

2. Making things responsive can be quite an extensive, painful process, but it’s necessary. MEDIA QUERIES EEP.Image

This page has been an absolute struggle trying to make responsive – those dang youtube/vimeo frames. 

3. It’s easy to have too many javascript files. I mean yes, they are amazing, event driven assets to a website, but it can slow down load time a lot depending on which events are firing and what elements they are affecting. 


Javascript files have definitely added to this page, in which a simple hover encourages the sprite to move over, turning the element white, and displays the info. However, somewhere in the mix 

4. Knowledge of PHP/Server side code is helpful.  Although it’s not too hard to pick up if you spend some time.


5. Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion. Especially from a completely third party outsider / non-designer. Constructive criticism is never a bad thing. 


This page looked a whole lot different before I asked my partner his opinion. He definitely helped me improve the look for the product display page, although the mobile version still looks a bit wonky.


6. Even though most people will only take a quick glance at what you’ve made you should always BE PROUD! It takes time and a lot of effort to design something with good, clean code.

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