Just a Little Complaint

I’ve been really bad at keeping this blog up to date, but I have to say it’s definitely not my first priority at the moment. In fact, the reason I’m updating now is procrastination from working on my video game that my partner and I are developing for the class “Simulated and Immersive Environments”.

Let’s touch upon that quickly. I was really excited about the class at first. Only seven people in the class so I thought it would be easy to get lots of help. The paper is about Serious Games, which are video games with a serious purpose or set of goals behind their development. Gamifying learning? Cool right?


I thought so. I mean, I still think so. But the class severely falls short of my expectations. The professor is extremely awkward when talking to the only girl in the class (AKA ME) and I know profoundly less about video games than all the other guys in my class so I feel awful about asking questions like “What is oculus rift?” even though the class is supposed to be there to teach and guide me. 

Did I mention that I’m the only girl in the class? Yeah. Here’s a picture to represent how I feel:


Anyways, now I’m working on a wilderness survival game with another guy in my class and I feel awful about asking for help (female/compsci inferiority complex) so I’m trying to learn the whole of unity AND game programming by myself. 

Thus the procrastination. And the complaining. 

I will admit though, what I’ve been learning is pretty cool. And pretty daunting. 


Wish me luck

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