R&D or R&R

Today the team and I traveled to the North Shore/Devonport to do a little research and development for one of our products: a stylish yet still as efficient surf poncho that is also made from sustainable material. Image

We figured since we were already in the North Shore might as well take a nice break at North Head.


It’s pretty sick up at the top, not only cause of the stunning views of the harbor and Auckland, but also because North Head was used as a defensive fort during the Russian scare.


Thus, there are heaps of tunnels and bunkers built into the mountain which we had a blast exploring and attempting to scare each other. Some of them were so dark that we literally ran into the wall. We decided it was a good place to do some filming/photographing of our products. Maybe even some advertisements where we play with light.


Beau attempts to scare me. The photo was much scarier.


The boys. I believe that’s Rangitoto in the background.


After a little exploration, we decided we should probably do some work.


So we packed up and headed to a surf shop to check out the competition.Image

The current surf poncho market is pretty small.


Made from straight up towel material. Not very flattering, even on Corey. The shape is very rectangular, the outside pretty dull, and not very wearable unless you are a hardcore surfer.Image

Taking our measurements. We feel there is room for improvement. Stay tuned to see what we come up with.

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